The Zeelo Story

Why did we start Zeelo?

Two friends, Sam and Barney, were frustrated by the way the world moves. We believed transportation services needed to be designed around the rider, not the operator.

So we got going. A couple of friends on a mission to reinvent the way people travel. We got together with fellow co-founder Dani to build an algorithm that understood when large groups of underserved people wanted to travel.

Ready to depart

We tested the service by Zeeloing to watch Sam's favourite team. On a cold Saturday afternoon Zeelo was born, transporting 750 like-minded fans to Wembley Stadium (Sam's beloved Spurs lost by the way).

Alongside soccer, we quickly learnt that there was similar demand for event-goers traveling to rugby matches, horse races, festivals, and more. But we knew Zeelo could be accessed by more disconnected riders, so we launched a commuting service giving thousands of daily travellers a viable alternative to the car.

Turning a corner

In 2020, global lockdowns changed the game. Everyone was locked in, living off deliveries. That's when we spotted the real gap in public transportation.
Frontline workers still need to travel to work, but there was no viable transportation option between towns. Commuters needed Zeelo. So we pivoted our strategy from B2C travel to B2B commuting, and the rest is history.

Where we've arrived

The most trusted bus commute
Today, Zeelo transports over 3 million riders to work and school every year across the US, UK and South Africa. It is now the most trusted smart shuttle commute service in the world, with vetted shuttle drivers to carefully transport minors. It’s also fully audited and compliant with highest possible standards of rider safety and data security in the developed world. 
A global team driven by social impact
With teams in Boston, London, Barcelona and Durban that are dedicated to provide a brilliant service for our riders and partners, Zeelo is spread across three continents to serve hundreds of enterprise and education clients, optimise proprietary technology that enables the fastest, smartest, greenest shared mobility solution on the planet, and deliver a shared vision around social mobility. 
An environmentally conscious business model
Zeelo journeys are already 100% carbon neutral. Switching to Zeelo enables a 78% CO2 saving and this helps our clients to reach their sustainability goals. But we intend to work even harder. We’ve launched electric shuttles and built partnerships to ensure every single Zeelo journey is net-zero by 2030.

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