Corporate Transportation Services

Employee shuttle services designed around your employees

Save yourself time and thousands of dollars to retain employees who are thinking of leaving because of their commute.

Gain the advantage! We surveyed 50,000 of our riders and found that 88% of them reported a heightened mental wellbeing thanks to the Zeelo's corporate shuttle services.
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Flexible Employee shuttle service

Encourage people back to the office by making your site more accessible

The transformative impact of flexible staff transportation on office reintegration. In order to encourage employees to return to in-person work, 72% of business leaders say the company will offer commuter benefits to employees to support a return to office policy.

We've saved our clients across the US hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on recruitment costs. So ask yourself is it time to rethink your corporate staff transportation needs?

We'll manage your transportation needs, ensuring you don't have to worry

Zeelo’s team of transportation experts deliver a seamless technology enhanced service by working either with an existing in house fleet or Operator, or a partner from Zeelo’s own vetted Operator network. Zeelo’s flexible service delivery allows you to both manage the operator directly or leave it in our hands to focus on what it is you do best.
Carefully selected and vetted operators
Operators are vetted before we partner with them and we conduct audits every 6 months to ensure the highest safety standards are met
Driver training and support
Drivers are trained on using our technology and test-run routes ahead of the big day to ensure a program launches without issue
Issue resolution
Where an issue does occur on the road, Zeelo will organize suitable transportation alternatives and keep everyone well informed of delays. We’ll then ensure to tackle the root cause of any issue to ensure it doesn’t occur again.
Performance management programme
Our thorough process, grounded in data, tracks on-time performance, issue rates, and the conduct of drivers
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Seamless integration with your service
Zeelo can train your operator and their drivers on how to use our technology; ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted launch
Issue flagging
Our 24/7 Live Operations team monitors your transportation programs and can inform you of any issues on the road for you to resolve with your operator and their drivers
Performance management data
Regular reporting around on-time performance, issue rate and driver behaviour will allow you to effectively manage your operator and drivers
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"Zeelo’s management of this service has been second to none and has been key to colleague engagement"
Director at XPO Logistics


Carbon neutral from Day 1 and helping you get closer to net zero

Zeelo offsets each trip through a series of projects to offset emissions. We’ll provide clear reporting and can even facilitate the switch to Electric vehicles.
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Compliant with the strictest data and security requirements

Zeelo uses industry-accepted best practices and frameworks to keep your data safe.Get in touch now for more details.
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Our unique approach to optimize your spend and increase reach

Customer success manager review transportation program performance
We use our software and expertise to identify areas you could recruit from with a bus program
Zeelo operations expert checking vehicle compliance
We save you time and money by procuring the contracts with our top quality vetted operators
Zeelo in person launch event
Our team of marketers and designers will prepare a tailored launch plan to maximize engagement
Passenger waiting at pickup with their vehicle arriving
Your employees will get their pass, track their vehicle and get in touch with our 24/7 customer support via our app
Customer success manager presenting improvement to a client
Your dedicated transportation expert will review the performances weekly and proactively suggest new improvements
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Frequently asked questions

How does Zeelo create routes and schedules?
Zeelo uses its in-house routing technology, combined with your Organisation's information to create optimized routes and schedules. When working with your HR team we will collect anonymised address data which will then be entered into our software. The algorithm generates dynamic routes which are custom to your organization, ensuring maximum rider uptake on your routes.
Where do you currently operate?
Zeelo currently operates staff shuttles globally in the United Kingdom, Ireland and United States.
How long do I have to commit for?
The length of programs is determined on your organization's needs. Speak with our transportation experts to determine the best option for your program.
What vehicle sizes are available for my organization?
Zeelo has a nationwide operator network that allows us to access vehicles from 16 seater mini-buses through to traditional yellow school bus. Vehicle size will be determined based on your organization's needs and providing the best value for money. Our flexible contracts with operators enable us to be proactive in making changes to services and vehicles as required.
How do you determine pricing?
After your introduction to Zeelo and a free non-obligation consultation, we'll provide you with a bespoke pricing proposal. Zeelo considers your organization's specific needs when determining pricing. This includes routes, vehicle size, schedules, ticketing, customer support and more. There are no extra fees for additional support or training or the number of revisions to route planning. We work very closely with our clients to ensure their budget requirements remain a key focus and they get the most value for their money.