Make Your Employees’ Commute The Best Part Of Their Day

We all know commuting can be stressful, especially when you are driving long distances and are often stuck in traffic. According to a study, every extra minute spent commuting reduces job satisfaction
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And it’s not just job satisfaction, commuting affects overall productivity too. Those with commutes of an hour or more lose seven days’ worth of productive time every year as opposed to those with a commute of half an hour or less. So, as an employer, you may want to reduce the time of the commute or make it more enjoyable for your staff. But how can you make your employees’ commute the best part of their day?

Can You Provide Commuter Solutions?

The good news is if your staff find it difficult to get to work, or their commute is causing stress and reduced productivity, you can do something about it. Commuter buses or coaches are planned rides that are booked specifically for a workplace journey. You can arrange pick up points that will be best for your employee’s home location as well as times that will ensure everyone on board gets to work on time. By providing commuter transport services, you can give your employees more time back and ensure they get to work easily every day.  

Benefits Of Commuter Services

Your employees will love the benefits of pre-arranged transport to work. It not only gives them time to do alternative tasks they couldn’t do if driving, but they can save money too. Here are some of the top reason’s commuter services will make your employees happier.

Get A Head Start On Work

Instead of spending their time in traffic worrying about answering emails or their workload for the day on a commuter service they can get a head start. With amenities like Wi-Fi and tables, it is an easy and comfortable way to begin your morning tasks. In fact, if you want your employees to start work when they board, it can even be counted as part of the working day. By clocking in early, the overall working day could be shortened, improving the work-life balance and overall happiness of your staff.


Relax With Free Wi-Fi

With busy hectic daily lives, it can be hard to get a minute for yourself these days. When people get the chance to sit back and relax instead of driving, they can enjoy catching up on the latest news, watching Netflix or reading a book. Free Wi-fi is one of the benefits people look for in both private and public transport. Being able to fit in some time to themselves will give them the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate before starting work.

Grab Coffee And Breakfast

Your employees can also use the commute as a time to eat their breakfast on board and get ready for the day ahead. Perhaps you would like to provide coffee and tea on board for your employees to enjoy. This saves time for people at home getting ready for work, but also saves time at the office too, especially when time is usually spent on breakfast and coffee when they get to work.  46% of workers say coffee increases their productivity level, so by providing free coffee you are improving their commute as well as boosting productivity.

A Guaranteed Seat

It’s not just traffic and parking that can make a commute difficult. Public transport can be just as stressful and, at the busiest time of the day, it is rare to always get a seat. When you book a ticket on a commuter bus, you are guaranteed a comfortable seat with plenty of legroom and a table, much more relaxing than being crammed on a packed train or bus.

Saving On Fuel And Parking

And it’s not only the experience, but commuting can also be expensive. Fuel and parking costs can add up, particularly when you are driving long distances five days a week. So, whether providing free transport to your business or arranging commuter coaches where employees can purchase tickets, shared transport will be better for your employees pay packet than driving or taking public transport.


Improve Morale And Sociability

Do your staff get to spend much time together socially? Often there is so much going on outside of work and not enough time during office hours to get to know colleagues. However, when travelling together there is time for people to get to know each other if they wish and create a more sociable atmosphere. The effect of this will be seen in the workplace with increased morale and closer connections between staff.  

Productive And Happy Staff

Taking away the stress of the commute will both reduce the stress and pressure on employees’ as well as improve their productivity. By providing simple services you remove one of the most difficult parts of the day and replace it with a relaxing and effective use of their time. Just a small change can make a really big difference.

Ready to bring commuter services to your business?

As you can see, it is possible to make the commute a good part of your employee’s day. Giving them an outlet to take some time for themselves, the chance to get some work done or relax and be sociable with their colleagues if they wish. Whichever way you think your staff should use their commuting time, Zeelo has the right commuter service option for you. Happier and more productive staff are only a bus ride away…

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