Driving Sustainability With Corporate Transportation

Sustainability is crucial for organizations worldwide as they strive to reduce carbon footprints and achieve net-zero targets. The transportation sector plays a pivotal role in this global effort.
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Sustainability is no longer a mere buzzword for organizations —it's a necessity. As businesses worldwide strive to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve net-zero targets, the transportation sector plays a crucial role in this transformation. Zeelo, a leader in corporate transportation solutions, is at the forefront of this green revolution, offering innovative, environmentally-friendly corporate shuttle services.

The Need for Sustainable Corporate Transportation

Employee transportation is becoming an integral part of daily business operations, significantly contributing to an organization’s overall carbon emissions. Traditional transportation methods, such as diesel-powered vehicles, are major sources of pollution, making the shift to sustainable transportation alternatives not only beneficial but essential for businesses committed to environmental responsibility.

Transportation is one of the biggest contributors to CO2 emissions, playing a significant role in climate change. It might seem obvious, but personal vehicles produce more CO2 per mile than shared transportation options.

As remote workers head back to the office, the number of people driving alone to work remains high. A survey by Statista found that even with many people working from home, 63% of workers still commute by car.

The typical American commute is about 15 miles each way. This is how it adds up in CO2 emissions per year for different types of personal vehicles:

  • Small car: 2.1 tons CO2e
  • Midsize car: 3.9 tons CO2e
  • Full-size car/SUV: 5.7 tons CO2e

While the Environmental Protection Agency is pushing for a faster transition to electric vehicles, this change won't happen overnight. A report from the New York Times noted that in 2021, less than 1% of the 250 million cars on US roads were electric. Therefore, even getting a small portion of commuters to switch from cars to cleaner, shared transportation solutions could significantly improve air quality and lower emissions. 

Here at Zeelo, we like to boast that every time we provide a transportation alternative to 100 riders, 403 kg of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is reduced each day, amounting to 91 tonnes per year – the equivalent of planting over 600 trees! But there is still so much more we can do!

Enter Zeelo! Your Sustainable Commuter Transportation Partner

Zeelo ensures that all of its services run fully carbon neutral from the beginning by offsetting the emissions produced. Through partnerships, such as the one we have with CNaught, every trip made using Zeelo's services is offset, significantly reducing environmental impact and helping organizations lower their scope 3 emissions. By partnering with Zeelo, companies can instantly contribute to a greener planet without sacrificing efficiency or reliability.

Through its partnership with CNaught, Zeelo is dedicated to making a global impact by supporting seven offsetting projects. These initiatives range from converting landfill gas to electricity and preventing deforestation to reforestation and innovative carbon removal projects, all aimed at creating a more sustainable future and in keeping with UN Sustainability goals.

In 2023 alone, Zeelo made significant environmental strides, saving a total of 12,011.34 tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to planting 75,070 trees and taking 3,110,123 cars off the road. The company also saw a substantial increase in electric vehicle (EV) use, with 9.8% of all trips made using EVs and the number of EV trips powered by Zeelo growing by over 200%.

Read more about our environmental impact in our 2023 ESG report

What Are The Benefits of Partnering With Zeelo

As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, corporate transportation must evolve to meet new environmental standards. Zeelo, through its partnership with CNaught and dedication to supporting the transition to electric vehicles, offers businesses a viable path to achieving their sustainability goals.

Reduced Emissions: By opting for Zeelo's carbon neutral journeys and EV options, businesses can significantly lower their scope 3 emissions.

Cost Savings: Tailored transportation management is helping organizations save 43% vs traditional operators.

Enhanced Corporate Image: Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability enhances a company’s reputation and appeal to environmentally conscious clients and employees.

Regulatory Compliance: With increasing regulations on emissions, transitioning to sustainable transportation solutions ensures compliance and avoids potential penalties.

EV Transition: Zeelo supports businesses in making a smooth transition to electric vehicles, offering extensive support and expertise to help integrate EVs into their transportation strategies effectively.

Sustainability Reporting: Zeelo provides detailed sustainability reports, helping businesses track and communicate their environmental impact, enhancing transparency and accountability in their sustainability efforts.

By partnering with Zeelo, companies can enjoy reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly transportation solutions that align with their commitment to a greener planet.

For more information on how Zeelo can support your business in the transition to sustainable corporate transportation, visit our website or contact us directly. Together, we can drive towards a more sustainable future.

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